Saturday, January 8, 2011

T.V Characters I Wouldnt Mind Marrying (If The List Is Long, Its Because I Am Not Choosy)

Ok, when the idea of creating this list popped up in my mind, the first thought I got was that it should be a list about characters I wouldnt mind dating. But...ah, what the hell, let me be honest - the list would have been endless had I written about dating my favourite characters. Ok, so now back to the list. Firstly, it DOES NOT include characters from shows that are not on air currently. Like FRIENDS. It has been made with a great deal of forethought (yes, I saw my T.V shows judge better). So if you dont agree with it, I have to say, I hate you, and you do NOT have as good taste as me. Please dont think of me as a narcisstic, self - centered, load on the face of the earth.

Like my friends do.

Anyways, now that I have embarassed myself in that awkward moment, lets get back to the list!! Here goes nothing...

1. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother) - Supremely romantic. Not bad to look at. And, above all, HOW cool would it be to be the MOTHER?? Although..the idea of being a 50 year old lady is not pleasant. At all.

2. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) - Who doesnt want to marry a serial killer? Yup, that's the dream. Especially if the serial killer has amazing voice overs. I just hope I dont end up like his first wife. Then again, I dont think I will..I mean, I won various tug-of-war and wrestling games - ever since I was a child (cue awkward moment. Again.)

3. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) - A CIA agent. Cuter than a pug. Can (from time to time) beat up a bunch of bad people. Totally kick-ass and Courage the Cowardly Dog-ish at the same time. Need I say more?

4. Abed (Community) - The most important reason - we both love TV. And we both seem like we have some genuine screw ups in our brain. Plus, by marrying a fellow half - Asian, I want to reinforce the stereotype (totally borrowed the term from Psychology).

5. Will Schuster (Glee, duh) - Although the show isnt as good as it once was, who does not want a piece of the Shue-Man? Also, apart from a great singing voice, the guy has something very few people are blessed with - patience. And trust me, people need that trait to be around me. Also, if he can bear Terri for years, I will be a piece of cake for him to handle (though, as a woman of modern times, I highly oppose to objectifying myself).

6. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) - I am one of those few people who really, really do not want to see Elena leave poor Stefan for his handsome elder brother. Not that Stefan isnt totally hot...because he is. Anyways, my suggestion - Stefan gets Elena because Damon marries me. And everyone is happy. Yeah, I am a social worker. Plus, my blood is delicious.

7. Seeley Booth (Bones) - Guy's hot. Guy's intelligent. And if things with Brennan dont work out (they will, I know..humph), I am here. Yo.

8. Justin Russo (Wizards Of Waverly Place) - Yeah. Go ahead and mock me. I watch the show - its awesome. And who doesnt want to marry a wizard? Plus, since its a Disney show character, I wont have to worry about my limits of will just be holding hands while the live audience goes "awww...". And...check mate. Who's laughing now, peeps? Who am I kidding, its still you guys. I know. Burn in hell.

9. Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock) - Weird choice, I know. Abed (but in a different way), he loves T.V. Also, the guy is just so naive and nice. Its..endearing. Plus, I dont think anyone will be lining up to marry him. So I would do that. Yeah, I REALLY am a really nice, caring person.

10. Richard Castle (Castle) - Helps in solving crimes, and is an author. Doesnt hurt that he is rich too. MUHAHAHA!!

You know, I see a pattern here. I just noticed it. I like guys who can be total kickass. This note is to all the handsome men around the world who REALLY BADLY want to date me. Go learn tai-chi...or whatever.



  1. LOL! i agree with you on Ted Mosby and Damon Salvator. but I'm not sure about you and either of know... LOL!!!

  2. love the list though.

  3. You have made me proud! It's good to know that all our stalking has been inspirational! I'm with you on 1, 2, 4 and 10! And please continue your devotion to wikipedia and check out tai-chi..
    Out :-)

  4. Wel i would anyday pick Barney over Ted.Ted is insanely proper....n all "Lets settle down" n Abed ,go for it, rakshaaaaa....,he s awesome.n damon totaly wannabe and Castle okay okay.Well nice list anyway.ur getting somewer :)