Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Madhavi A. Nair (30th January, 1991), is a 20 year old girl from Bangalore, India. She resembles a bull, a pug and a rabbit combined together. Also, she gets annoyed when she is told that. She did her schooling in a school that had a very bad counsellor, and a teacher who used to follow students home.

Her college, which she is currently pursuing, is no less. She studies in a university near her house, and she still curses the fact.

She is a slacker.

She is known to be a germaphobic asexual person, but she reckons she will change her stance if James Franco, or someone like him, were ever to approach her. (i.e. - she would jump their bones, and have coitus with a James Franco alike).

She has 2 older brothers, who she and her friends are extremely jealous of. Her brother number 2 is jokingly, and resentingly, referred to as 'Scotland Yard'.

The only novel she ever gave a five star was To Kill A Mockingbird. And that means she finds that novel to be better than Harry Potter too. Idiot.

She is not really sure what she wants to do with her life. She is often suggested that she first seek some professional help for her bipolar disorder and OCD before trying to become a "professional". She also has a fringe, which is the cutest thing about her.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Brandi Carlile - Thou Art Awesome!

I did not mention Brandi Carlile in my list of 'Top 10 Favourite singers and Bands' That was because I was not able to find her album anywhere. The first time I had heard her song 'The Story' was when an American Idol contestant (my favourite one) had sang that one in Season 9. Since then, I have been trying to search her album like a crazy person.

Well, two months back, I finally found it (cue heavenly creatures saying 'Hallelujiah'). And I have been listening to her album ON repeat ever since. And everytime the first song on her album 'Late Morning Lullaby' starts, the only thing I can think of is, "How awesome is she?!?!" There are very few artists whose ALL songs I like. She is one of them. I am totally in love with all her songs.

After listening to her songs, I, true to my nature, started googling and wikipedia-ing her. And I found out she is a lesbian. And anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE champion of the LGBT community. Not that her being a lesbian makes her exotic. Its just that her being a lesbian singer who is so good at what she does is such an inspiration to so many girls who are struggling with their sexuality. To be honest, there are so many gay people related to the entertainment industry. And so few lesbian ones. Its pretty sad. Bisexual is totally another realm. They are the most under-represented.

Anyways, back to Ms Carlile. Apart from her pretty looks and rocking song-writing skills, her voice is pretty bangin' too. And I know that because of a little thing called YouTube. Where I checked out almost all her live performances. She kills it live. So, if anyone is still reading this blog (something I highly doubt), be sure to check her out.

Oh, and if someone thinks I have copied their, er, style, let me just inform them, linking videos and pictures is an idea invented by the people who started blogspot...I am guessing. ;-)

P.S. - I do not own the picture.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So..last week, I watched Grey's Anatomy Musical episode, titled, 'Song Beneath the Song'. I have to say..I am still reeling under the effect. Sure, the singing was good. It was just..I cant even find the words to say just how wrong the whole thing was.

First of all, the songs were not related to what was going on. I mean, one minute, Lexie Grey is asking Callie to 'Just Breathe', and next minute, she is running through corridors singing 'Breathe'. And not the Taylor Swift song. Double wham.

AlThough a catastrophic disaster (for most parts), the two things that really made me want to be the criminal that Dexter kills were: a) Pretty guy Owen singing 'How We Operate', to calm down the doctors fighting over how to go ahead and save Callie and the baby. I mean, his voice is lovely and all, but...seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? See how much lost for words I am?

The second strike..or b)...the couples on the show singing 'Running On Sunshine.' It was so bloody stupid to see Owen and Christina making out while singing the song...I am shuddering as I write this. It was so out of character, I was reminded of Glee doing 'Like a Virgin', only, this was way more kinky...and out of context.

Many people think that the highlight of the show was Sara Ramirez singing Brandi Carlile's 'The Story'. As someone who absolutely adores and worships Brandi Carlile, I wouldnt agree. Sure, Ramirez is a great singer, but why? Why did they have to sing Brandi Carlile song? And though technically there was nothing wrong with it, I felt it lacked the original version's depth...and, well, awesomeness.

I love musicals. I really do. But throw in a couple of more such episodes, and I am sure my love for them will diminish. Sweeney Todd and Glee (nowadays) didnt help in increasing my love for musicals. If they cant tackle taking on such risks, they shouldnt. Shonda Rhimes - stick to doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital using scalpels and acting like high schoolers. PLEASE PLEASE do not take on a musical episode again. It is a request.

PS-The image does not belong to me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazing Annette Hanshaw (its not the name of a superheroine comicbook, folks)

Just six weeks ago, I started listening to 20's and 30's music. It started out when I watched the movie 'Miracle on 42nd Street', and started looking for songs that were half as wonderful as the songs in the musical. And that is when I found..

Annette Hanshaw.

Now, most of the people generally have absolutely no idea who she is. Well, to anyone who ever stumbles across this blog, I say - she was a twenties-thirties singer - and an amazing one at that. She was considered a 'flapper' in her times..and I so badly wish I could have the kind of dresses she wore! But that is not the reason I love her. Atleast, that is NOT the only reason why I love her. Her music is the reason I really love her. She had this honey toned, sweet, petite voice, which literally makes my day. Whether I am low, high (!!) depressed or happy, her songs just..take me to an older era, where things were less complicated and loss of anything was taken seriously. Yes, sceptics might say that her music sounds like she always needs a man to protect her, and a modern woman should not say that..and blah blah blah...but to them I say, firstly, she was not a modern woman. She was born in 1901, for joy's sake! And secondly, instead of butchering the meaning of her lyrics, we should just listen to what she is singing. I mean, we should stop being structuralists or deconstructionists when we listen to her. Her music is lovely. It is evergreen. She makes me want to wish I was born in that era. I mean, look at these lyrics, for example -

"I'm a lonesome little babe in the woods..hmm mmm
I've got it, but it dont do me no good...
I cant hold a man the way that I should..hmm mmm..
I've got it, but it dont do me no good!!"

I dont know about others, but for me, it is just lovely..its coming from a world where there was no autotuning, no snorting of coke in a disco club (they were more discreet, you know). It is just plain music.

Her music is not didactic. It is not preachy. She is not trying to educate people about the distinction between good and bad, right and wrong. I mean, think about it..during her time, the world was being torn apart with wars, cold wars, collapse of name it. In a time like that, she was just being a normal girl with normal worries and dreams. For me, that takes so much courage. Maybe some person who listened to her music at the time felt a sense of normalcy. Isnt that a good enough reason to like her?!?!

Also, the fact that she "Hanshaw's" (a term I created) majority of her songs by adding a cute little "that's all" makes her more appealing to me!

Check her out!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

My Top 10 Favourite Singers/Bands. Currently.

When I was thinking of things to write about on my blog, I couldnt think beyond the fact that I really, really like making lists. Like, I really do. I mean, I had the realization when I found out how much I loved making the list for the TV characters I wouldnt mind marrying. So this time, the list would be of my favourite music artists/bands.

Not that I have made a show of mentioning it every five seconds during a conversation, I have to say that I do love music. I really do. Even if I dont talk about it as frequently as others do. I do three things with a lot of zest - listening to music, reading, and watching TV. These are the reasons why I do not have a social life. At all. This makes me an annoying nerd if some people's eyes, and beyond cool in yet other people's eyes.

Now, I am not one of those people who blow their own trumpet, but I actually am really cool. Ask this person - she will let you know how unbelievably cool and AWESOME I am. And the best part? I dont have to pay her for saying so!!

Okay...after that burst of detail I probably didnt need to mention, let me come back to the real deal. My favourite music artists, currently. Here it goes -

1. Ingrid Michaelson - I got two words for her. Bloody Genius. Most people know her because of the genius that is 'The Way I Am', but if only they bothered to go beyond it and see that ALL her songs are actually flawless, they would feel like kicking themselves for not noticing her before. Atleast, that is what I did. I literally kicked myself. Pinky swear.

2. Joni Mitchell - I think she is the most under rated, under appreciated singer/songwriter EVER born. She flawlessly mixed folk - rock with Jazz, and the result was beautiful, heart warming outburst of music. And even though she gets lots of mentions by famous singers like Dylan and Morrissey (!), her name is not really on top of people's tongue - a fact that makes me sad.

3. Taylor Swift - She is young, I know. And really famous. And people usually carry the notion that in today's world, if a singer is famous, he/she definitely has to be a sellout - has to suck. Well, I aint one of those fools. Talent is talent. You cant judge a person on the basis of his/her popularity. Because if we start donig that, we might as well stop listening to music altogether. Back to Swift. Yeah, she brought country music to fore fronts of people's mind, although her music is more country-pop. But since she talks about country music with such passion, more and more people have started noticing country scenario - and you have to be thankful to her for that. Plus, the young girl in me idolizes her, for talking about first love(s), heartache, moving out...and the rest.

4. Slow Club - I am not ashamed to admit that I started listening to this band after a song of theirs, 'Christmas TV', was featured on Chuck. I mean, it does not matter how I came across them, the thing that matters is, they are absolutely, fricking amazing. And seriously, the next person who compares their music to 'teeny bop' music and them to 'The White Stripes' is going to die a painful death. Yes, they heard (read) me right. I will personally hunt that person down and kill him/her. I swear.

5. Don Williams - I listened to this guy's music when I was a foetus in my mother's womb. Also, the fact that my mother randomly (and in a completely off-tune way) sings his songs even to this day makes it hard for me to NOT like the person. He is the reason why I started listening to country music in the first place. I like to believe he is one of the last great country musician of our times. If you dont agree with me, listen to 'I Believe in You' or 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good'. Just pure, shenanigans-less geniune music, straight from the heart.

6. Ani DiFranco - For me, no one can put people in their place better than she can. Her music generally deals with matters close to our hearts, and it has a message. Every song, every lyric in her music means something substantial..and that is why she is the one person I look up to, and respect a lot. Amazingly talented and vastly intelligent.

7. The Byrds - How can I not love them? They completely revolutionized folk music. They popularised psychedelic music. They were able to carve their separate identity at a time when 'The Beatles' were hogging off all the limelight. That is how good they are. Oh, and Bob Dylan likes them. And vice-versa.

8. Laura Marling - One of the most important things that goaded me to listen to her music was the fact that she adores Joni Mitchell. I thought that if someone in today's world can be sensible enough to love Joni Mitchell, that person deserves a chance to be heard. Luckily for me, I was not wrong. Oh boy, how right was I. She is as good as any folk rock musician can get today. And that is a huge compliment.

9. Beach House - There is only one word for their music - haunting. I do not generally love the mystical, really slow, sleepy kind of music, but this is pure genius. This band reminds me strongly of Mazzy Star. And that fact makes them really good in my eyes. They are the 'couldnt-care-less' kind of musician, who make music because they love it. And their efforts earn my love.

10. Hayley Taylor - I nearly committed suicide trying to search for er album. I really did. But nothing compared to the joy I felt when I got her music (thanks to a friend of mine). That is because she knows what she is doing. She maybe be shy and soft spoken, but when she is singing, her voice transforms. And beauty flows out. In fact, I feel sorry for people who do not like her music, and sorrier for people who are unfortunate enough not to have listened to her - because she really is that good.

Here my list ends. I had so many other artists I wanted to mention, but I had made a promise to myself that I will stop at 10. Otherwise people will get crazy bored and not even bother to read.



Saturday, January 8, 2011

T.V Characters I Wouldnt Mind Marrying (If The List Is Long, Its Because I Am Not Choosy)

Ok, when the idea of creating this list popped up in my mind, the first thought I got was that it should be a list about characters I wouldnt mind dating. But...ah, what the hell, let me be honest - the list would have been endless had I written about dating my favourite characters. Ok, so now back to the list. Firstly, it DOES NOT include characters from shows that are not on air currently. Like FRIENDS. It has been made with a great deal of forethought (yes, I saw my T.V shows judge better). So if you dont agree with it, I have to say, I hate you, and you do NOT have as good taste as me. Please dont think of me as a narcisstic, self - centered, load on the face of the earth.

Like my friends do.

Anyways, now that I have embarassed myself in that awkward moment, lets get back to the list!! Here goes nothing...

1. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother) - Supremely romantic. Not bad to look at. And, above all, HOW cool would it be to be the MOTHER?? Although..the idea of being a 50 year old lady is not pleasant. At all.

2. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) - Who doesnt want to marry a serial killer? Yup, that's the dream. Especially if the serial killer has amazing voice overs. I just hope I dont end up like his first wife. Then again, I dont think I will..I mean, I won various tug-of-war and wrestling games - ever since I was a child (cue awkward moment. Again.)

3. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) - A CIA agent. Cuter than a pug. Can (from time to time) beat up a bunch of bad people. Totally kick-ass and Courage the Cowardly Dog-ish at the same time. Need I say more?

4. Abed (Community) - The most important reason - we both love TV. And we both seem like we have some genuine screw ups in our brain. Plus, by marrying a fellow half - Asian, I want to reinforce the stereotype (totally borrowed the term from Psychology).

5. Will Schuster (Glee, duh) - Although the show isnt as good as it once was, who does not want a piece of the Shue-Man? Also, apart from a great singing voice, the guy has something very few people are blessed with - patience. And trust me, people need that trait to be around me. Also, if he can bear Terri for years, I will be a piece of cake for him to handle (though, as a woman of modern times, I highly oppose to objectifying myself).

6. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) - I am one of those few people who really, really do not want to see Elena leave poor Stefan for his handsome elder brother. Not that Stefan isnt totally hot...because he is. Anyways, my suggestion - Stefan gets Elena because Damon marries me. And everyone is happy. Yeah, I am a social worker. Plus, my blood is delicious.

7. Seeley Booth (Bones) - Guy's hot. Guy's intelligent. And if things with Brennan dont work out (they will, I know..humph), I am here. Yo.

8. Justin Russo (Wizards Of Waverly Place) - Yeah. Go ahead and mock me. I watch the show - its awesome. And who doesnt want to marry a wizard? Plus, since its a Disney show character, I wont have to worry about my limits of will just be holding hands while the live audience goes "awww...". And...check mate. Who's laughing now, peeps? Who am I kidding, its still you guys. I know. Burn in hell.

9. Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock) - Weird choice, I know. Abed (but in a different way), he loves T.V. Also, the guy is just so naive and nice. Its..endearing. Plus, I dont think anyone will be lining up to marry him. So I would do that. Yeah, I REALLY am a really nice, caring person.

10. Richard Castle (Castle) - Helps in solving crimes, and is an author. Doesnt hurt that he is rich too. MUHAHAHA!!

You know, I see a pattern here. I just noticed it. I like guys who can be total kickass. This note is to all the handsome men around the world who REALLY BADLY want to date me. Go learn tai-chi...or whatever.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ryan Reynolds And Scarlett Johansson Split...Sobs.

So, I recently heard the news that one of the Hollywood's IT couple, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have split. Scarlett Johansson initiated the process of divorce. When I heard the news, I was shocked. They were the one couple I had thought would last. So obviously, you can imagine the shock I received. This split, more than anything, goes on to prove how fragile marriages (and relationships, for that matter) can be in Hollywood. One minute a couple is seen all around the town, holding hands and looking at each other with lovey-dovey eyes. The next minute, they announce that they are splitting up because of "differences". It makes me wonder, will these big stars ever have decent, long lasting relationships? I mean, barring a few exceptions, all the marriages in Hollywood go ZIP-ZAP-BOOM!! This split was just as shocking as Jen-Brad split (because of which I cried bundled up in my blanket. I am not proud of it, folks!)....Well, I just hope this couple finds happiness in the future, er, with their other partners. God Bless The World Of Showbiz.

By The Way, a nice surprise will soon be seen by the awesome people who view my blog. Just wait for it!!!