Saturday, November 20, 2010

Miley's Heart Owned (Probably) By Her Parents Divorcing.

Recently, I heard news that Miley Cyrus has become so heartbroken over the impending disaster, oops, I meant divorce, of her parents that she has taken to acting like an adult to ease the pain. When I first heard the news, I went, "WHAT???", and not because I was shocked to hear about the divorce (this IS Hollywood we are talking about, folks), but the dumb theory that tried to explain Miley Cyrus's recent, lets just say, behaviour. I mean, Miley is hardly a small kid whose childhood is completely destroyed by the earth shattering news. As a matter of fact, judging by her recent photos, interviews and songs (ahem ahem...anybody remember "Who Owns My Heart?"), she is anything but a kid.

While critics all over the world are debating the really important issue of "What has made Miley Cyrus go all Britney-esque?", I am taking a completely different approach on the whole issue. Sure, her recent antics are questionable, but I took a different, lighter view of things, and instead of fretting over her Gone-Ballistic-After-Disney ways, I decided to just enjoy what is clearly a deliberate move by Ms Cyrus. To all those people who blame her parents's divorce on her dressing sense, lifestyle choices, etcetra, etcetra, I say - Why do you even care? Why dont we all just sit back and let the girl do what she is doing, get a few laughs out of it, discuss it as an entertaining topic, and, quoting Beatles, "LET IT BE"? After all, she is an entertainer, and as long as she keeps doing what she does best, we should stop caring about the rest!


  1. Well said, my friend. Couldn't agree more. :-)

  2. i agree to the parts where you talked about leaving her alone and not to relate her dressing sense to her parents divorce. But i don't think i would have liked her pro-Disney or anti-Disney. We've all seen a lot of Britneys and Cyruses. and I'm quiet tired of them. i mean where have all the Bjorks and Patti Smiths gone?