Sunday, November 21, 2010

Move Over, Britta, Im all About Jeff And Annie

I started watching Community very recently, and to be honest, Im completely hooked. Its an extremely novel concept, and I cannot get enough of it. As a matter of fact, I watched 6 of its episodes BACK to BACK. Even though I am sick. The only...glitch, as I would like to call it, is the pairing between the couples. As any Community fan would know, Joel McHale (who is amazing) potrays the role of Jeff Winger, a "less than legitimate" lawyer who joins the Greendale Community College to prevent getting sacked, or, in law language, disbarred, and ends up falling for his fellow Spanish class student, Britta Perry. Now, all the characters in the series are really well-rounded, easy to connect with, and, not to mention, extremely funny. So why do I say the series have a glitch in the pairing, or coupling, if you may? Well, I have always been a fan of unusual pairing, especially in the world of TV series. I mean, when eveyone wanted Dan and Serena together as a couple on Gossip Girl, I wanted Dan to be with Blair. When the world REALLY wanted to see Meredith and Derek together on Grey's Anatomy, I was all for Derek and Addison as a couple. My opinions have often been met with raised eyebrows, but I feel we should think out-of-the-box!! I mean, shouldnt serials have wild imaginations and story lines? In the same manner, while many people wish and hope and pray to see Britta and Jeff together, I have, from the very first episode, wanted to see Jeff with the nerdy, competitive, and, not to forget, much younger, Annie Edison. I mean, this pairing would be so much more..unusual! And for the first time, I think majority of Community fans agree with me, atleast judging by their YouTube comments.



Some of the Community fans, though, replied viciously, saying (more or less) that their pairing would be bordering pedophilia. Uhm, excuse me? Annie is no CHILD. Yes, she is much younger than Jeff's character, but, hey, Shania Twain was much younger than her ex husband. And they were together for over a decade. That speas for itself. Love knows not of age.

To be very clear - I love Britta as a character. But Britta-Jeff..not something I am a fan of.  I want the serial to break away from those usual, stereotypical, run-of -the-mill romances, and have a wildly hilarious take on Jeff and Annie!! Go 'Jeannie'!!!


  1. Britta and Jeff do make a weird couple. Britta kind of annoys me :-) Annie and Jeff would look good together but Annie is only 18! and Jeff's 30-something!

  2. Well I dont think i l like Annie and Jeff together from what I v seen till now.Maybe Annie and Duncan!I liked them together in the 4th ep.N Thanx fr Community!!!!!! :) :)