Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taylor Swift Is Dating (probably) A Much Older Guy. Surprise? Not Really.

Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift...Dating??!!!

Off late, there has been a lot of talk in the gossip circles about Taylor Swift's possible (uhm, uhm) romance with...wait for it...Jake Gyllenhaal!! At first when I heard the rumour, I totally did not belive the story considering the fact that yet another rumour was going around that Swift's mother Andrea wanted Swift to concentrate on her career instead of boys - which, I might add, is a terrible advice, considering the fact that most of Swift's songs are about budding romances (awww...) and sad break ups (noooo...)!! But after seeing the couple's various pictures circulating the net, and watching Taylor Swift's coy, rather dodgy, answer on Ellen DeGeneres Show about Mr. Gyllenhaal, I am forced to believe that they are, as a matter of fact, atleast dating each other.

Now that I have said that  I am pretty sure they are dating, comes the difficult part of expressing my opinion. Instead of doing some other important things I had to take care of,  I have been mulling over what I think of the rumoured new couple from the past couple of days. At first, I was quite apalled, to be honest. I thought Swift had learned nothing from the whole "dating-a-much-older-guy" debacle. I mean, she herself crooned in her song "Dear John" (which, according to rumours, is about John Mayer)-"Dont you think I was too young to be messed with..", and now she is off to dating another, much older guy. But when I thought a little bit more about it, I realized it is not such a bad thing after all. I mean, sure, she has had a lot, a LOT, of bad relationships, but the girl knows what she is doing!! And, one cannot deny the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is super hot. So, I think, Pretty Girl+Hot Boy=NICE!! Also, at the end of the day, its her life, and what I, or thousands of other people think hardly matters it all.

Oh, and the most important thing, if their relationship works out, we will get to hear a lovey-dovey, cute, and romantic song on her next album about 'finding the Mr. Perfect', and if it does not end up well, we can always have fun spectulating which of the songs on her next release is about him!! Its a win-win situation, anyway you look at it!! So,  I would say, let us wait and see the future of their relationship!!!

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  1. 9-year age gap!! nahiii!! Taylor Swift what are you doing?? But I have to say Gyllenhaal is way better than John Mayer (I'm not talking about his music)..

  2. wel he looks hot.kinda.neway u l kp us postd !!:)

  3. wow! hot spicy news... ur blog is gonna b 1 interesting 1 if such articles continue... awesome!!!

  4. i think they make a cute couple and i also think that Swift's gotta slow down her on dating mechanism a bit if she doesn't want her heart to be broken on a regular basis. but again, who could possibly resist Gyllenhaal? :P

  5. woah:) they make a nice pair:) i think swift is kinda personifying her name wen we see her datin style:) nice blog raksha.. keep it goin gal:)