Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eyes on the Madness- Episode 1

This is it. This is the surprise I was talking about. This video is the joint venture of Eyes on The Stars and Method To my Madness.
This episode is first in the series of (hopefully) many more to come. The awesome joint venture will cover everything Entertainment - from break ups, to make ups, from catfights, to friendships..!!
I am awfully thankful to Madness for being amazingly creative. Also, I thank Mother to the Madness from the bottom of my jumble of arteries, blood, veins (I meant heart) for being extremely patient, not throwing me out of the house, even after the loud wailing, jeering, and laughter. Oh, and for stuffing me with delicious food.
So, go ahead, watch it, and comment!!
(But please do not hate will break my jumble of arteries, blood and veins...(I am assuming its still not


  1. You are awesome! This was the best "project" ever! :-)

  2. lol! the dance at the end! lol! lol! lol! :D