Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grammy Nominations Announced..Laugh or Cry?

Grammy Nominations Have Arrived...And How
Yes, its that time of the year. Grammy nominations were announced last week. The music lovers waited with bated breaths...wondering if their favourite artists are nominated or not, and musicians waited with fingers crossed praying that they get nominated. Being a music lover myself, I too was very excited to know who all were nominated.However, when I read the nominations list, I was thoroughly disappointed. Artists like Eminem and Katy Perry received quite a few number of nominations. While I absolutely love Katy Perry, I just did not feel it was fair that her album 'Teenage Dreams' got so many appreciative nods. Agreed that her voice is amazing, but REALLY? And Eminem? I know, his raps produce quite a few shouts of "Yo Yo!!" (sorry for my lame attempt at being Hip Hopper..), but there are so many other talented musicians who should have been nominated, but werent. Also, I can take angry, foul-mouthed rappers, and candy eating bunny like pop chicks, but they nominated Justin Baby Beiber. The hair-flipping, over proud JB. The same Beiber whose song 'Baby' seemed pretty amazing to me....before I found out it was being sung by a guy, and not a girl.

Of course, the folks at Grammys redeemed themselves slightly in my eyes by giving a few nominations to certain sensible bands and singers like Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, and Cee-Lo (say what you will, but he DOES have an amazing voice..!!)

After going through the Nomination List for this year, the only thing I can do is push my disappointment aside, and wait for sensible nominations next year. And even though I am confused and disappointed, I wont miss the award ceremony for anything. Word. God, I really should stop that.

Oh, and as a sidenote, I would like you guys to know that VERY soon, you will get to greet a surprise...keep waiting!! It wont be disappointing like the aforementioned nominations!

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  1. I hate the nominations too! John Mayer deserved more recognition, even if he can be annoying at times (ok, all the time!) And i'm still getting over the shock regarding Bieber..or is it Beiber?

  2. hmm...all i can say is that beiber won only because the beliebers made a big deal about him. how much more pathetic can the grammys get? i mean for the best new artist justin beiber was there in the nomination list along with mumford and sons!!! can you believe the heights???? at least they could've done all of us,folk music fans a favour and put mumford and sons in some other list. somewhere away from beiber.