Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Brandi Carlile - Thou Art Awesome!

I did not mention Brandi Carlile in my list of 'Top 10 Favourite singers and Bands' That was because I was not able to find her album anywhere. The first time I had heard her song 'The Story' was when an American Idol contestant (my favourite one) had sang that one in Season 9. Since then, I have been trying to search her album like a crazy person.

Well, two months back, I finally found it (cue heavenly creatures saying 'Hallelujiah'). And I have been listening to her album ON repeat ever since. And everytime the first song on her album 'Late Morning Lullaby' starts, the only thing I can think of is, "How awesome is she?!?!" There are very few artists whose ALL songs I like. She is one of them. I am totally in love with all her songs.

After listening to her songs, I, true to my nature, started googling and wikipedia-ing her. And I found out she is a lesbian. And anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE champion of the LGBT community. Not that her being a lesbian makes her exotic. Its just that her being a lesbian singer who is so good at what she does is such an inspiration to so many girls who are struggling with their sexuality. To be honest, there are so many gay people related to the entertainment industry. And so few lesbian ones. Its pretty sad. Bisexual is totally another realm. They are the most under-represented.

Anyways, back to Ms Carlile. Apart from her pretty looks and rocking song-writing skills, her voice is pretty bangin' too. And I know that because of a little thing called YouTube. Where I checked out almost all her live performances. She kills it live. So, if anyone is still reading this blog (something I highly doubt), be sure to check her out.

Oh, and if someone thinks I have copied their, er, style, let me just inform them, linking videos and pictures is an idea invented by the people who started blogspot...I am guessing. ;-)

P.S. - I do not own the picture.


  1. Sweet post! And yes, you're a good entertainment writer. (:

    Thanks for commenting, btw.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the compliment! You are an amazing writer too, by the way!!