Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Madhavi A. Nair (30th January, 1991), is a 20 year old girl from Bangalore, India. She resembles a bull, a pug and a rabbit combined together. Also, she gets annoyed when she is told that. She did her schooling in a school that had a very bad counsellor, and a teacher who used to follow students home.

Her college, which she is currently pursuing, is no less. She studies in a university near her house, and she still curses the fact.

She is a slacker.

She is known to be a germaphobic asexual person, but she reckons she will change her stance if James Franco, or someone like him, were ever to approach her. (i.e. - she would jump their bones, and have coitus with a James Franco alike).

She has 2 older brothers, who she and her friends are extremely jealous of. Her brother number 2 is jokingly, and resentingly, referred to as 'Scotland Yard'.

The only novel she ever gave a five star was To Kill A Mockingbird. And that means she finds that novel to be better than Harry Potter too. Idiot.

She is not really sure what she wants to do with her life. She is often suggested that she first seek some professional help for her bipolar disorder and OCD before trying to become a "professional". She also has a fringe, which is the cutest thing about her.

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